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Affordable, Accessible Therapy For Everyone

When you visit one of Integrity Sports Medicine’s locations, you can count on expert therapeutic treatment delivered with care and compassion. Our highly experienced clinicians and staff are accessible, empathetic, and professional. You will find that our team genuinely cares about you, your health, and your life goals.

Treatment for pain. Without the pain of insurance

Physical therapy, chiropractic, and athletic training can develop strength, prevent injury, relieve pain, and help in recovery. But rising costs, quick patient turnaround, and limited access make it hard to get the care you need. At Integrity Sports Medicine, we’re making it easier for therapists and patients to connect, which means better care and a better experience.

Our Story

Since 2001, Integrity Sports Medicine has helped thousands of patients overcome a variety of challenges through expert physical therapy, chiropractic and athletic training. Founded by Terri and Derek Baron, a physical therapist and chiropractic physician, Integrity Sports Medicine is one of the largest physical therapist and chiropractic owned practices in Northern, WI. We work out of 2 convenient locations to provide high-quality services across a continuum of care, from “prehab,” wellness programs, and injury prevention, to injury recovery and post-surgical rehabilitation. Some of our services include Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Athletic Training, and Sports Performance.

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